Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Plans

My plans for this weekend consist of...
staying at my sister's all weekend to see this little guy and while there...
partaking in some Halloween festivities...
indulging in some Jack in the Box...
and hopefully watching Pitch Perfect!
What are your guys' plans?
Happy Weekend xoxo

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10,000 Reasons

I cannot get through this song without shedding tears.  Such a beautiful song.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Light a Candle

It is amazing how God works in our lives.  Last night, I experienced him at work.  I arrived at dance, ready to teach my cloggers.  The studio owner, and my dear friend, walks by me and I noticed her adorable scarf that she was wearing.  I instantly told her how much I loved it.  Her response?  She didn't just simply say thanks and continue on with her business.  She took the scarf from around her neck and gave it to me.  It was such a simple act that meant so much.  It really made me think.  Would I ever just give someone something off of my back?  She is such an amazing person, and I let her know how much it meant to me later that night.  She responded back and mentioned that she lives by this verse:  "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." -1 Thessalonians 5:11.  After I read it, I just stared at the screen for awhile.  Why?  Because that was my cloggers' weekly Bible verse that I chose for this week.  Neat, huh?  I later was browsing Pinterest and came across the quote below:  "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."  The quote fit perfectly with the verse.  When you encourage someone else, or build someone up, whether it be by giving out a compliment, smiling at a stranger, or even giving someone a scarf from around your neck, you are spreading your own light by lighting another candle.  And the result?  You lose nothing.  In fact, you gain everything.  So, this Halloween, when you see a jack-o-lantern glowing in the darkness from the candle that is lit inside of it, remember what you have the power to do with your own light.  As I watched one of my favorite Halloween shows last night, Halloweentown, I watched Marnie light the great pumpkin at the end of the movie in order to ward out the evil in the town.  What was the result of her lighting the pumpkin?  She unfroze all of the people of the town that had been affected by the evil spirit.  She made Halloweentown a better place, by simply making a move, and spreading the light.  Will you light someone's candle this Halloween? :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Bucket List

So I really should be doing homework right about now, but I decided to make a blog post instead.  I am a little late with the whole fall thing, but today, I am really excited about fall.  I made a "Fall Bucket List."  I've already completed a few of them.  Last weekend, Ryan and I went to my cousins for a bonfire.  We also slept in and watched a scary movie last weekend.  Well, I shouldn't even call it a scary movie, it was anything but.  Note to everyone:  Do not watch "Cabin in the Woods."  So, I'm gonna have to watch another scary movie before October is up!  Anyways, I've also already had pumpkin ice cream this year.  So what's left....I want to walk the trails in our town and take in the crisp, autumn atmosphere.  I want to visit a pumpkin patch and purchase some white pumpkins.  I want to play in the leaves (we'll see if this happens, I'm always scared I'll get a tick).  I want to go to a haunted house...BUT I honestly don't know if I have the courage anymore.  I used to love them when I was in middle/high school.  I have grown up to be a huge baby.  I want to carve a pumpkin...ideas below.  I want to drink hot cider.  I want to read a book...particularly a Harry Potter book.  I desperately want to start the Harry Potter series in the fall, because I feel like it fits.  I'm so behind on my reading because of school!  I want to bake Halloween cookies.  I want to use this delish cut-out-cookie recipe, found here (seriously, best cut-out-cookies, ever).  I want to go on a date with Ryan :).  I want to paint my nails...picture below.  I can't wait to watch our town's annual parade!  I want to make a Halloween craft....picture below.  And last, but not least, I want to bake a pie!  So...we'll see if all of this gets accomplished :). 
Happy Fall Everyone!!

Carving ideas...

Harry Potter.  Is this little Dobby outfit not adorable?  
Nail the pink.  
Craft idea...spider made out of beads!