Sunday, August 12, 2012


Last night I was reminded of how happy dancing makes me...and everyone else.  My mom's 50th birthday party was last night.  At one point in the night we all headed out to our deck that overlooks our pond.  I put in some John Mellencamp tunes.  My mom, her friends, and I then started dancing and singing on our lit-up deck.  My sister sat out there and rocked my nephew on the deck swing.  Dancing with my mom to John Mellencamp under the starlit sky with my sisters and nephew by my side...the perfect moment. 

Dancing brings joy to any occassion.  I'm so glad that I get to be a TEACHER of dance at a Christian-based dance studio where we can dance for the Lord.  In high school, I got the opportunity to choreograph and teach a clogging dance to my mission group team.  As a part of our ministry in Guatemala, we danced for the natives.  It was amazing dancing our hearts out for God...

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