Monday, August 13, 2012

50th Birthday Cake

I found some cake-spiration on Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic blog the other day and decided to make a similar cake for my mom's 50th birthday party.  My version was cheaper because I used fake flowers instead of real.  I got a bouquet of fake flowers (about 6 flowers) for $.99 each.  I stuck to our black and white theme, and instead of using silver candles (which I couldn't find anyways) I used black candles.  Since the candles weren't very tall and the flowers were fake, we weren't able to actually light the cake (I didn't want the flowers to catch fire!).  So the candles were pretty much for decoration only.  I then decided to add some old black and white photographs to the cake.  I attached two toothpicks to each picture using putty and stuck them in the cake.  And there you have it, my mom's 50th birthday cake!  Important:  If you decide to make  a similar cake, do NOT light it.  You don't want to take any chances with catching decorations on fire!

Rachel's Cake

My cake


  1. This cake is so beautiful! I love the photos that you put on the cake :)

  2. aw it turned out great, i love how you put the pictures on it, such a wonderful idea!!


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