Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Turkey Run 2012

Here are pictures of our Turkey Run trip!  We had a blast.  The first day, we went canoeing...we decided to go on the longest trip...10 miles.  And let me just say...I was done after the fifth mile.  The river was sooo low.  We had to keep carrying our canoe over sand banks.  It was a good workout, though!  The next day we hiked the trails.  It was alot of fun!  We did the most rugged trail first. Some parts of this trail were dangerous.  We experienced a guy falling off of a cliff and gashing his head open.  It was kind of scary...but he did go off of the trail and was jumping cliffs...so no wonder he fell.  At nights, we cooked over the fire and just hung out.  We had chicken fajitas the one night and hamburgers the next.  Overall, it was a great trip!

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