Monday, July 30, 2012

The Real World

I found this quote on Pinterest awhile ago and was so excited.  These have always been my exact thoughts.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear someone say, "Now it's time to face the real world."  I usually hear this statement when someone is talking about graduating high school or college.  I have always hated the sound of that statement.  It fills me with fear and hatred.  It makes me think that my life before I graduated high school or my life before I graduate college was/is not "real" or important.  Not as special as the "real world." the quote says...each and every one of us has been in the "real world" since the day that we were born.  As a matter of fact, the MOST "real" part of my life was my childhood.  I would go back in a heartbeat.  We are constantly wanting to grow accomplish more fast forward through life.  We are always trying to find this mythical "real world."  When in fact, each and every one of us is in the "real world" right now.  So...slow down.  Every single journey through your life is important and happens for a reason. 

Go LIVE and be matter where you are in life.   


  1. Love this. I am guilty of thinking that life will begin when such and such happens, and it's so frustrating!

    1. Thanks. I know me too. And I hate when people use that phrase!


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