Monday, June 25, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!!

Thanks, Lizy for giving me this award! You are so sweet :) Visit "Beauty By Lizy" here.
This award is given to blogs with 200 followers or less. 

The Rules:
1.  You must link back to the person who gave you the reward.
2.  You must post 11 things about yourself.
3.  You must answer the questions the person giving you the award has created for you.
4.  You must create 11 questions for the people to answer that you choose to give the award to.
5.  You can't give the award back to the blogger that gave it to you.

11 Things About Me:
Ok...I already did a post titled "30 Random Things About Me."  You can read it here.  Since this is supposed to be 11 things that you didn't know about me, I will try not to include one that I have already said.

1.  I become very easily obsessed with book series. 
2.  I have been on one mission trip to Guatemala.  I would love to go on another.
3.  I love hard dip ice cream and despise soft serve ice cream. 
4.  My favorite flavor of hard dip is probably cinnamon. 
5.  I would love to have a beach house by the ocean (who wouldn't?).  There are few things that are more soothing and peaceful than the ocean.
6.  I can not live in a house without a pet.  When I move out, I want to get a doberman pinscher (best dog ever) or a weimaraner.
7.  I hate shopping for shoes.  While some people consider them the most important part of an outfit, I consider them the least important.  Can't they just magically appear in my closet?
8.  I love the outdoors, but camping in a tent blows.  There are few things that are worse than sleeping in a damp, sticky tent on damp, sticky sheets and waking up with damp, sticky hair, and a damp, sticky body.  Cabin please. 
9.  I just love the movie "Walk The Line."  Watched it last night again.  I don't even know how many times I've seen it. 
10.  I love to curl up on a hammock with a blanket at night and watch the stars. 
11.  I would never make it through this world without God.  Oh, what he has blessed me with. 

Lizy's Questions:

1.  Do you know what your parents were going to call you if you were born the opposite sex?  If I was a boy, mom was going to name me Orry.
2.  What is your favorite food?  Hmm...that is a tough one.  I love all kinds of food.  Some of my favorite meals are steak and potatoes, fish and chips, and chicken and rice. 
3.  Best bath/shower product?  Right now I am loving "Yes To Carrots" products.  I use "Yes To Tomatoes" shampoo, conditioner, and face wash.  You can visit their site here.  
4.  Short or long nails?  I would say short.  But not too short.  Just a little bit of white tips showing. 
5.  Describe your fashion style.  Whites, pastels, lace, flowers, vintage, earthy, girly, simple.
6.  Favorite band or musician?  John Mellencamp.  Beyonce.
7.  What is your one favorite Christmas tradition?  It's hard to pick just one!  I would have to say picking out a live tree for our home.  (I INSIST on a live tree every year).  It is just not Christmas without one.
8.  Do you have a favorite Royal?  Um...Princess Diana?  I did a report on her in school.
9.  What is your favorite dessert?  Cookies and a glass of milk.
10.  Favorite place in the world?  I haven't been to many places...but my favorite place would have to be my childhood home.  There really is no place like home. 
11.  What is your craziest hope or dream?  Well, those who really know me, know that I'm not very crazy.  Ha! craziest dream would be to be a stay-at-home mom!
My Questions For The Winners:

1.  Are you a cat person or a dog person?
2.  What is your favorite movie of all time?
3.  What is one of your biggest fears?
4.  If you could go on a date with a celebrity who would it be?
5.  Speaking of going on dates...what would be your dream date?
6.  City girl or country girl?
7.  What is your favorite feature on your body?
8.  Current obsession?
9.  One of your favorite memories?
10.  Ocean or mountains?
11.  Favorite actress and why?

I give the Liebster Blog Award to:

Breeanna - A Brilliant Melody


  1. Yay!! So glad you did it :) I love your answers to my questions! I'm going to look into that Yes to Carrots/Tomatoes brand. Crazy names! xx

  2. you are so sweet!! thank you so much girl :)

    1. No problem! I adore your blog :)


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