Saturday, April 14, 2012


I am a perfectionist.  I spend wayyyy too much time on things trying to get them perfect.  I somewhat freak out when I don't do something perfect (which happens frequently.)  These past two weeks have been FAR from perfect for me.  I messed something up at my internship site, I got in a couple arguments and said some words that I now regret, I skipped a week on posting "American Idol Ramblings" (ha!), AND when I tried to make brownies in eggshells on Easter, this was my result: 
And this was supposed to be the result: 
Mine were beautiful, huh?  LOL. 

Anways, even though I know that I can't be perfect, I put myself down when I'm not.  I need to realize that imperfection is beauty.  And that, yes, things didn't go as I wanted them to, but they made me who I was these past couple of weeks.  AND that the only perfect person is our heavenly father. 


  1. haha! those eggs remind me of the cookie monster cupcake thing that i've seen on pinterest...type in "nailed it" in pinterest and you'll see it. lol

    1. Haha! Yes! That's what I thought of too!


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