Sunday, March 18, 2012

Healthy(er) Living Part 5: Work-outs

So along with eating healthy(er), I have been trying to work-out 2-3 times a week.  I have either been running/walking the trail, going to the gym, or doing a video.  I just thought  I would give you some of my working out tips. 
When I run/walk the trail that's located in our town, I make sure to do it in intervals. Intervals are good when trying to lose weight. I start out with a rapid walk and then when I have the energy built up, I switch to a jog/run. When I am tuckered out, I switch back to a rapid walk.

When I go to the gym, I usually start with some cardio to warm up.  I then do some lifting on machines that hit the muscles that I want defined.  I sometimes end with cardio, also.  When doing the elliptical or treadmill, I also do intervals.  What kind of gym do I go to?  My mother just joined AnyTime Fitness.  I checked it out with her and really enjoyed it!  If you have one near you home, you should check it out.  With a membership, you can workout whenever you want, even when staff are not there.  I was impressed by their elliptical machines.  Each one had a T.V. and a fan attached!  Sweet, huh?  That place has about anything you can think of.  If you want to check it out, go to:  I am planning on switching from my old gym to Anytime Fitness, or just going to both. 

When I do a work-out video, I often choose a Chalene Johnson video.  Work-out videos are so BORING and take alot of motivation to pop in the DVD player.  Hers are a blast.  She adds dancing to her work-out videos.  I have one of her videos titled, "Fat Blaster."  It is a killer.  She uses intervals in that video.  I also have a slower-paced video of hers that focuses on your butt and stomach.  If you wanna check her out, go to:  Another video that I like is Zumba.  I'm sure you guys have heard of it.  It is a blast!  I also recently found a good online ab video from the Tone It Up girls at  You should check out their website.  They are great!  Here's the link to the ab video:

So...there is my work-out regime.  Overall, just remember to try to work-out frequently, work out in intervals, mix it up with different methods, and have fun while doing it!  Choose something that you enjoy so that you will want to do it.  Also, grab a buddy.  Two makes everything more fun ;)


  1. I've found some good workouts on YouTube. I haven't had time to exercise since my son was born, but I've found some good 10-15 minute deals online... I did a 10-min cardio this morning before everyone else in the house woke up amd it KICKED MY BUTT. I liked it!

    1. Hey...yes, thank God for YouTube! What was the name of the video? I just checked out your blog...newest follower...xoxo.


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