Saturday, March 31, 2012

American Idol Ramblings

Colton.  Again, he captured my heart.  I loved that he chose a Lifehouse song and shared that it was his favorite worship song.  And his shedded tears at the end?  Perfect.  Don't listen to what Jimmy says, Colton....You Rock!  (Because Colton DOES read my blog.)
Skylar.  She has an amazing voice...if you are in to Reba Mcentire.  Which I am not.  At all.  But props to her for being good at what she does.

Heejun.  I have to admit, I wasn't too sad to see him go.  He wasn't one of my favorites.  Anyways...I LOVED the jacket that he wore on performance night.  It was light blue with vintage flowers.  I considered pinning pinned it on pinterest.  Yes, Heejun can be found on my wedding board.
Hollie's stage setup was amazing.  Fake snow and all.  Magical.
I was STOKED to hear that Jessica was performing BEYONCE's "Sweet Dreams."  She mixed it up and rocked it out.  Great pick, Jessica. 
Joshua.  He is a great singer, but I find myself tuning out when he comes on.  He doesn't hold my attention at all.  Just not my style.  I would want him to leave next. 

I loved Stevie Nicks as the mentor.  She was soo sweet!  That Jimmy, on the other hand, just needs to go.  Nothing nice comes out of his mouth. 

And then there is the new "Trio" thing.  I didn't really enjoy it.  I would rather just watch each artist perform on their own again.  But kudos to idol for trying to spice things up. 


  1. No Phillip today??!!! ;) Haha Stevie Nicks is my idol! Love her so much!

    1. Hahaha! I didn't have much to say about Phillip. He did great as usual and looked handsome as usual! ;)

  2. wow, they all look so great :)
    and nicki definitely rocked it!
    in btw you have a really nice blog, dear :))


    1. Thank you. You do as well. I love how you translate your blogs into English too. Newest follower. xoxo


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