Friday, March 23, 2012

American Idol Ramblings

Here are my ramblings for the week: 
1.  I'm so bummed that Erica is off.  One of my faves.  And I feel terrible for her.  They suggested she get a new 'do, so she chopped her hair off and dyed it black....then she gets kicked off.  She still looks great, but I loved her short blonde bob!
2.  I have to admit that I was somewhat bored this week during performance night...until Jessica and Colton performed!  Jessica always does amazing.  I just love to hear her flawless performances.  Colton...again, I just love him.  He picked a great song, "Piano Man," and rocked it out on the piano.  I love his voice, his look, his faith.  He even mentioned his faith in God in front of all of America.  Such a cool guy.

3.  Something that confused me?  The stylists told Elise to quit wearing so many layers.  And then they dress her in this? 

4.  Phillip Phillips is so sweet.  Steven Tyler threw one of his scarves at him.  Then before throwing it to a group of screaming teenage girls, he asks Tyler for permission.  Just a simple, kind gesture that I found sweet. 

5.  Heejun.  There are really no words.  Don't love him, don't hate him.  Just no words. 

The End. 

P.S.  Did anyone else notice that Ryan Seacrest now has Bruno Mars hair each week?  Just curious.


  1. this made me laugh, even though I don't watch! lol

    1. Haha...seriously...he all of a sudden has bruno hair...i dont get it.

  2. Ahaha you are so right on with all this! Cracked me up! Loved the part about Heejun. I used to really like him...but now I'm not so sure. Though he's always been VERY clear that he's not the idol type and never thought he'd make it this far. If you'll notice, from the very beginning, the producers have been pushing him forward. We have to remember the show is "produced". I'm liking Colton more and more! Phillip is such a sweet cutie! And Ryan, well...he's got to be the most awkward human on the planet. =)

    1. Haha...ryan IS rather awkward! Lol...heejun is very different. I think thats why ppl like him. And isn't phillip just adorable!? Im glad u agree :)


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