Thursday, March 8, 2012

American Idol Ramblings

So...what are your thoughts on Idol last night?  Mine are as follows:

1.  My favorites that I listed here are still my favorites. 
2.  I love Colton even more!  He rocked out his performance last night.  And looked super cool while doing it. LOVE.
3.  DeAndre knows how to work it. 
4.  Singing comes so easily to Hollie and Jessica.  Wow.  I love listening to someone sing with no nervousness that they are going to mess up.  Those two are just flawless.  The only thing-I don't remember them singing anything but ballads.  It makes me wonder if they can sing all types of songs.
5.  Shannon did not do her best last night.  She seemed WAY too nervous.  I do not want to see her go, though!  I'm praying that America voted for her!
6.  Phillip Phillips.  I LOVED watching him rock out on his guitar.  The only problem I have with him, is that it seems so hard for him to get out certain notes.  It sometimes makes me nervous when he sings.  But then again, his voice is so different than the norm.  I do still love him. 
7.  I didn't like a single song that was sung.  I was never a fan of Whitney Houston or Stevie Wonder. 
8.  I found out that you can vote online through facebook at  Pretty sweet.  You won't get a busy tone this way.  But, each time you place a vote, you have to fill out those verification codes so that they know you're not a robot. 
9.  I realized that more than half of the contestants are younger than me.  Which means, 1.  I am getting old.  or 2.  This is a young batch of singers. 

Have a good Thursday! xoxo

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