Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fabulous Friday Night

Oh, how I adore the weekends...who doesn't right?  Last night, I went with Kiri to see The Vow.  Although the movie didn't play out how I would have liked it to, it is still cute, and worth watching! 
After the movie, of course we had to go to Cold Stone Creamery for some Cake Batter Ice Cream with sprinkles...bliss.
Our last stop was a nearby chocolate shop.  I picked up a couple dark chocolate truffles and a dark chocolate valentine bar for Ryan and me :)  Good Friday?...I think so!


  1. I went to see The Vow on Friday night with my friend. I'd been meaning to go and I remembered you did a quick post on it. Oh my goodness it was so frustrating! Haha a combination of tears in my eyes and disappointment at the end. Hope you and Kiri had a great time!!

    1. Thanks...we did! I was bawling through the whole thing! Wasn't the ending so disappointing?! I wish they would have gotten remarried :(


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