Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rowboat Cake

This last Sunday it was my nephew Rowan's first birthday.  My sister and I chose to use a nautical theme for the party because we call Rowan "Rowboat."  I promised you guys that I would show you pictures of the final cake!  I made a large half and half cake for the guests.  I then made a small cake for Rowan.  Here they are:
To decorate the cakes, I tinted the frosting blue.  I then applied the frosting and made wave-like swirls all over the cakes.  I then stuck gold fish grahams around the edges of the cakes.  For the boats, I took several pieces of wood-patterned scrapbook paper and made paper boats out of them.  You can youtube "how to make a paper boat" and you are good to go!  For the lifesaver, I used a piece of twine and attached a peppermint lifesaver to it.  Last, I cut a skewer in half and attached a paper flag to the end to create a flag for the boat.  So much fun!


  1. You've got some mad cake decorating skills! I love your blog header how it says Elly in the name :) Thanks for following me - You're much more diligent than I am!
    Lizy xo


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