Sunday, January 22, 2012

Half and Half Cake Tutorial

It was my nephew's first birthday today (pictures coming soon!), and I got to make his birthday cake!  I of course made a small cake for him to dive into.  I also made a larger sheet cake for the rest of the family.  I decided to try to make my first half and half cake.  I was not sure of how to do this, so I did some research online and took a stab at it.  I first prepared my pan by buttering the sides and bottom and then placing down parchment paper. 
Then, I mixed up both my chocolate and white cake batters.  Next, I made a divider out of foil.  I simply tore off a large sheet and then continuously folded it to create a somewhat sturdy divide.  I placed the foil divider in the center of the pan. 
Next, I poured my batters in, starting with the white.  Yes, the white side is slightly larger, just because I LOVE white cake!
I then removed the foil divider.
And here is the finished product after baking. 
It turned out just a bit uneven, but it was my first shot at it, right? ha!  Here is the cake after I shaved some of it off to even it out. 
Overall, I think this method worked out pretty well!  I'm still amazed at how the two batters don't mix together!  Pictures of the decorated cakes are yet to come!!!

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