Monday, January 2, 2012

Forever Young

I LOVE planning parties.  I thought I would share the 50th birthday party that my family and I planned for my dad.  He turned fifty this past November.  We invited some of my mom and dad's friends to the Tilted Kilt for dinner.  Then, some of us went to his favorite small town bar in Wren, Ohio for drinks afterwards.  It was very low key, just like my dad would have wanted it to be.  We reserved a party room at Tilted Kilt (even though we shared it with other parties).  I set up a small table in the corner of the room. 
The party theme was "Forever Young."  I centered it around two of my dad's favorite artists, John Mellencamp and Rod Stewart.  The chalkboard quotes a John Mellencamp lyric while the banner quotes a Rod Stewart lyric.  I chose a black and white color scheme.  I used a vintage white table linen to cover the table.  For the banner, I cut out black construction paper letters and taped them to a white string. I set up a couple old black and white pictures of dad.  My sister picked up black and white balloons and white carnations.  
For the chalkboard, I bought a plain wooden plaque from the craft section at Walmart.  My mom then painted it with chalkboard paint.
I had to make cupcakes!  I made chocolate cupcakes with silver foil liners.  I piped white frosting onto the tops.  I printed out miniature black and white pictures and taped them to toothpicks.  I then inserted them into the cupcakes. 
Overall, I think the night turned out great!  Everyone had a good time :)

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