Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Creative Wrapping Part 3: Wax Adhesive

This past Christmas, I gave out two Blondies gift cards as gifts.  I attached two cherished recipes on vintage recipe cards to the back of each Blondies gift card envelope.  As I was assembling the two gifts, I came to a halt.  I couldn't figure out how to attach the recipe cards without ruining the Blondies gift card envelope as well as the recipe card.  If I used tape, they would both rip when trying to be removed from one another.  Well, my mom gave me the brilliant idea of using my sister's wax for her braces (haha!) to attach the two objects together.  And guess what?  It worked perfectly! I simply took a tiny piece off of her block of wax and used it to attach the envelope and recipe card.  I also used it to attach a gift tag to each envelope.  The wax was clear and was not easily visible and tacky-looking like tape would have been.  It was just sticky enough to hold everything together.  I will definitely be using wax as an adhesive more often in the future.  Just thought I would share this helpful tip with you guys! Here is a link to actual adhesive crafting wax that can be purchased.  (Just in case you don't know anyone with braces) ha..jk ;)

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