Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creative Wrapping Part 2: Gift Card Snow Globe

Earlier, I shared with you guys the Mr. Men and Little Miss creative wrapping idea.  Another wrapping technique that I used this past Christmas is the gift card snow globe.  I found this idea on Pinterest from "The Creative Mama" blog.  I instantly fell in love with the idea of giving a gift card inside of a homemade snow globe.  I dislike giving gift cards as gifts because they seem so boring.  Putting them in a snow globe changes my way of thinking!  Here is the link for the snow globe.  One thing that I did different is cover my gift card in laminate using laminate sheets.  I was a little nervous that the water would ruin the gift card, even though I read that it wouldn't.  After laminating the gift card, I glued it to a mason jar lid using hot glue.  I then glued some small ornaments around the gift card.  After the lid was dry, I filled the mason jar with distilled water.  I added some sparkles and a few ornaments to the jar (they float to the top).  I then put the lid with the gift card on the jar and screwed the ring on tight around the lid.  Lastly, I added a ribbon around the bottom of the snow globe.  And here it is!:

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