Friday, December 30, 2011

Creative Wrapping: Mr. Men and Little Miss

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting to wrap Christmas gifts.  I love to wrap gifts in unique ways. This year I used several different wrapping ideas.  One of the ideas was found off of Pinterest, while the others were created in my head.  I had some visions and went with them.  This first one that I am sharing with you I titled "Mr. Men and Little Miss."  This is because instead of name tags, I used Mr. Men and Little Miss children's books to identify my gifts.  I labeled each of my family member's gifts with a book that related to them. 
My almost one-year-old nephew received "Mr. Fussy" because he is a baby, and is quite often fussy.  My older sister received "Mr. Messy" because she is VERY messy.  Although her house is nice, it sometimes looks as if a tornado hit it. 

My brother-in-law received "Mr. Bump" because he has been to the minute clinic practically 5 times in the last month. (Not really 5 times, inside joke amongst my family) 
My younger sister received "Mr. Worry" because just like me, she is always finding something different to panic over. 
My dad received "Mr. Perfect" because he always seems to be prepared, he is always orderly, and he seems to succeed at anything he tries. 
Lastly, my mom received "Little Miss Tidy" because she is ALWAYS tidying up the house.  My family likes to call her "Saget" after Bob Saget who played in Full House.  His character was the biggest neat freak.

Most of these gifts were wrapped in brown craft paper from Hobby Lobby.  Some of them were wrapped in a vintage owl print paper.  The gifts were paired with silver tinsel bows and cream and silver ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  I purchased the Mr. Men and Little Miss books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  A description of the series and a list of all of the books can be found here.

On Christmas morning, I placed out all of my gifts.  I then told my family to choose which gift that they thought was theirs based off of the "tag."  Although they quickly determined which one was theirs, they loved the idea.  They each had fun reading their books as well.  I definitely recommend using this wrapping idea.  Lots of fun!

Momma Hens Coop

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  1. cutest thing, evah! lol for real, I love the wrapping and it sounds like lots of fun! :)


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