Friday, December 30, 2011

Creative Wrapping: Mr. Men and Little Miss

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting to wrap Christmas gifts.  I love to wrap gifts in unique ways. This year I used several different wrapping ideas.  One of the ideas was found off of Pinterest, while the others were created in my head.  I had some visions and went with them.  This first one that I am sharing with you I titled "Mr. Men and Little Miss."  This is because instead of name tags, I used Mr. Men and Little Miss children's books to identify my gifts.  I labeled each of my family member's gifts with a book that related to them. 
My almost one-year-old nephew received "Mr. Fussy" because he is a baby, and is quite often fussy.  My older sister received "Mr. Messy" because she is VERY messy.  Although her house is nice, it sometimes looks as if a tornado hit it. 

My brother-in-law received "Mr. Bump" because he has been to the minute clinic practically 5 times in the last month. (Not really 5 times, inside joke amongst my family) 
My younger sister received "Mr. Worry" because just like me, she is always finding something different to panic over. 
My dad received "Mr. Perfect" because he always seems to be prepared, he is always orderly, and he seems to succeed at anything he tries. 
Lastly, my mom received "Little Miss Tidy" because she is ALWAYS tidying up the house.  My family likes to call her "Saget" after Bob Saget who played in Full House.  His character was the biggest neat freak.

Most of these gifts were wrapped in brown craft paper from Hobby Lobby.  Some of them were wrapped in a vintage owl print paper.  The gifts were paired with silver tinsel bows and cream and silver ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  I purchased the Mr. Men and Little Miss books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  A description of the series and a list of all of the books can be found here.

On Christmas morning, I placed out all of my gifts.  I then told my family to choose which gift that they thought was theirs based off of the "tag."  Although they quickly determined which one was theirs, they loved the idea.  They each had fun reading their books as well.  I definitely recommend using this wrapping idea.  Lots of fun!

Momma Hens Coop

Friday, December 23, 2011


As I was babysitting my little 11 month old nephew this morning, I decided to put some music videos on for him to watch.  He LOVES music videos.  After about 3 videos, he lost focus, so I put him down to play and decided to watch some more videos on my own.  And of course I went to Beyonce's website to do so.  I came across this beautiful backstage video of her singing her song "1+1."  Her voice is unreal.

I then came across this fun, upbeat video of her performing her song "End of Time." I love to watch her dance. 

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." ~Berthold Auerbach

This quote is oh, so true.  As I had work looming over me this morning, I turned on these tunes, and it totally washed the everyday dust away.  I am now in a better mood and ready to tackle this day!  Have a great day!  xoxo

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

30 Random Things About Me

It's 1:30 a.m.  I got 5 hours of sleep last night.  I studied, took a final, and did homework ALL day.  How am I not asleep?  Anyways...since I am still awake...I thought I would share with you 30 random things about me...

1.  I love the color light pink.
2.  I am a very anxious person.
3.  I am the biggest procrastinator when it comes to doing homework. 
4.  Speaking of school...I'm going to school to be a teacher.
5.  I really wanna be a stay at home mom with a bakery/shop on the side. (Don't we all) ;-)
6.  I teach clogging, and love students never fail to brighten my day.
7.  I love John Mellencamp's music...never gets old.
8.  I have a slight obsession with Beyonce.  I secretly wish I had her killer moves.
9.  I hate cruises.  You will never find me on one again.  Ever.
10.  I would rather vacation in a cabin in Colorado...I have yet to go there...
11.  I love anything shabby chic.
12.  I would love to start some kind of charity some day.
13.  I love cheezy fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell...fiesta in my mouth.
14.  I love dogs.  Love is an understatement.
15.  I have one nephew who is almost 1 year old...I love him like he's my own.
16.  I wish it was Christmas all-year-round.  I want to live in Whoville.
17.  I love to read...if only I had more time. (And spent less time on the internet)
18.  Pinterest is a new obsession.  My creative memory bank.  Sweetness.
19.  I love to bake.
20.  Ice cold fountain cherry coke.  Need I say more?
21.  I believe my New Year's resolution this year will be to eat
22.  I love mountains so much....
23.  I probably would never move to the mountains, though.  I'm such a homebody.
24.  Favorite comedy of all time----->Good Luck Chuck.  Love it.
25.  Twilight obsessed...yes, I'm one of them.  (Team Edward)
26.  I love the Muppet Babies.  No one will go with me to see the new Muppets movie. Boo.
27.  I am terrified of birds.  I don't like things that can fly at me. 
28.  I am more terrified of throwing up.  Emetophobia...I seriously have it.
29.  I want to get married in a barn.
30.  I am a Christian...just like Tim what he's doing.

And I'm off to bed...good night xoxo