Wednesday, August 10, 2011

That's Why You're Beautiful

As I was listening to Beyonce songs on my Ipod the other day, I came across this beautiful song.  It is from her "I am...Sasha Fierce" album.  I really started thinking about the lyrics and how they related to my current life."  I am currently dating a type of guy that I wouldn't normally date.  In high school, I guess you could have given him a label as a "bad boy."  He is alot different than the "cookie cutter" guy that I dated for six years.  While growing up, he has gone through more than I have gone through.  Sometimes, because I am so "sheltered," I tend to judge him, his past, and some of his ways.  I occasionally make hurtful comments to him, because in a way, I am trying to reassure myself that even though he isn't a "cookie cutter" guy, and even though we are different in alot of ways, our relationship will work out.  This song helped me realize that I need to quit focusing on the bad stuff, and start glorifying the good stuff.  Just because someone has had a rebellious or hurtful past, they are not different than any other person.  We are all the same.  We all have our scars.  Some people's scars are just larger than others.  But we all have to go through "coal" stages in our life to become beautiful "diamonds."

Diamonds used to be coal
Look young cause they got soul
That's why they're beautiful
And my heart used to be cold
'Til your hands laid on my soul
Baby, that's why you're beautiful

I'm not wondering why....
The sky's blue; that's not my business
All I know is I....
Look up and tell myself
"Be patient, love...that could be us..."

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