Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blessed :)

Finally!  I have a blog set up and I am so excited!  After debating forever on a perfect name for my blog, I decided on "Beautifully Ordinary."  I'm still not quite sure if I love the name, but we will see.  It stems from a quote that I stumbled upon and fell in love with: 

"It is ordinary to love the beautiful, but it is more beautiful to love the ordinary." 

I think sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget about the ordinary things that are so beautiful.  Two very beautiful things in my life are my family and friends.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding me.  Today, I am especially grateful for my friend, Kiri.  She is the one that helped me create this blog!  Thanks, Kiri...and thanks for being the best-est friend that anyone could ever ask for...I am so blessed


  1. Love it! :) Thank YOU for being my best friend! Love you!


  2. Hi Elly, what a cute photo of you and your bestie! I love the quote, it is so true! ;)
    Welcome to the blogging world!

  3. Hi Elly, Welcome to the Blog World! The name you chose is perfect :)


Thanks for warming my heart and brightening my day :)